Cosmetic Surgery in Shenzhen

Plastic Surgery & Medical Procedures in Shenzhen

Asia is quickly becoming the “go to” destination for all types of cosmetic surgery and medical beauty treatments. This is largely due to a large supply of very highly qualified, often western-educated surgeons, as well as growing local disposable income. The boom in cosmetic surgery in Asia is not just a positive in the region but provides a net positive on an international level as people can now fly to Asia to have procedures done for a fraction of the price in their home cities/countries.

Of all the rising stars in Asia, Shenzhen stands out due to a perfect balance of highly qualified, professional surgeons and clinics combined with very reasonable pricing compared to clinics offering similar services in places like the United States and Europe. Medical tourism is already a hot industry in Asia and will only grow with the increasing supply of high quality cosmetic surgery practicians.

Most Popular Procedures in 2017

Some of the most popular procedures that surgeons and specialists in Shenzhen specialize in include:

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear surgery is a growing procedure all around the world. Depending on your age, gender and ethnicity a wide variety of procedures are available including the adjustment of the shape, the angle, position on the head or proportion to the rest of the head. Otoplasty’s can be both cosmetic in nature or reconstructive depending on the client.


Asian skin is much more sensitive than many westerners skin and so the dermabrasion industry has been years ahead of many clinics in the U.S and Europe for quite a while. From regular dermabrasion to microdermabrasion there are a wide variety of skincare and rejuvenation procedures available at a shockingly wide price range.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Asian nations are consuming fast food at a record pace as regional economies continue to boom. This has led to an increase in obesity around Asia and thus a growing demand and supply of doctors specializing in abdominoplasty procedures more commonly referred to as a “tummy tuck”. Other procedures like gastric bypass and other weight-loss focused options are also available for very reasonable prices.


Similar to the rise in Tummy Tuck operations, the demand for general liposuction is also increasing across Asia as diets are shifting from traditionally more lean offerings to meals higher in fat and cholesterol, resulting in an increase in obesity and an increase in demand for liposuction procedures. These are some of the most common operations now and because of the volume can be done quite cheaply.

Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty)

Breast implants, otherwise known as “augmentation” is a top seller all around the world year in and year out and one of the most in-demand procedures. From silicone to saline and other cutting edge procedures Asia is on the cutting edge of both breast augmentation and reduction procedures for women from all over the world looking to have a procedure done at a more affordable price than in their home countries.

Lip Augmentation

What woman doesn’t want those perfect “Angelina Jolie” lips that all the sexy movie stars have? Well, the demand in Asia is equally large as the west so there are now a massive supply of lip specialists that can help reshape lips, fill them out, and make them all around much more “plump”.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are a smaller market but fast growing around the world as it is a relatively straight forward procedure where either filler material is inserted or fat from the patients own body is injected into the cheek area to create a more permanent full-looking cheek area and all around more youthful appearance in the face.

Chin Implant

Chin implants or “chin augmentation” is a procedure wherein unique filler materials are inserted into the patients face to either augment or reconstruct a jawline. Materials range from polyethylene and polytetrafluoroethylene to acellular dermal matrix products and other cutting edge more “resilient” materials.

In addition to “adding” or reconstructing jawlines there are also many clinics specializing in the reduction of hard or angular jawlines. Known as “jaw softening” or “V-line jaw reduction”, this procedure involves shaving down the jaw bones to create a more aesthetically pleasing outline.

Forehead Lift

Also commonly referred to as “brow lifts” or “forehead augmentation” this is a process in which the brow is pulled up to help remove wrinkles and reduce the appearance of the age of the patient. There are many different types of forehead lifts including direct brow lifts, endoscopic brow lifts, full coronal techniques, subcutaneous brow lifts and temporal brow lifts. Your doctor will prescribe the most appropriate procedure to help you achieve your beauty goals.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is THE most popular cosmetic surgery type within Asia. Many patients seek a “double eyelid” look more common with celebrities. While many models and celebrities have “single eyelids”, this look is often deemed “more traditional” and has thus led to the rise in popularity of the double eyelid look.

The double eyelid or “blepharoplasty” procedure is actually quite straightforward and involves a small incision to create a “supratarsal epicanthic fold” to give the “double” eyelid look. This surgery is most common in Asia because they are one of the few ethnicities in which individuals are often born without said extra fold.

Another popular type of eye surgery in Asia is “eye-widening” surgery, which is medically referred to as “epicanthoplasty”. Popularized in Korea this procedure has become quite popular throughout East and Southeast Asia as it gives the eye a larger look which is deemed more aesthetically pleasing.

Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Nose jobs, or “Rhinoplasty” surgeries are the second most popular in the world and also quite popular throughout Asia as many regional ethnicities have quite subtle nasal features and often look to augment them, especially via the addition of a more prominent “nasal bridge” between the eyes.

This type of surgery can vary greatly in the amount of work done and variety of procedures depending on the type of patient but being one of THE most common there are a plethora of highly qualified clinics and doctors to choose from. This competition results in reduced pricing to attract clients from around the world.

Face & Neck Lift (Rhytidectomy)

There are a million different types of face lift and neck lifts procedures in existence. They can range from anything as simple as simply removing some extra sagging skin to a complete overhaul including botox injections. Whether you simply want a couple of botox injections or you want an entire face lift, there are doctors across Asia to fulfill your needs.

From Deep Plane lifts, to SMAS and Endoscopic lifts to even cutting edge technologies such as Stem Cell lifts there are doctors to meet demand. Because full face lifts are quite large and noticeable it is important to select a doctor with a solid track record as quality is of utmost importance when it comes to rhytidectomies.

Calf Reduction

Relatively straightforward calf reduction surgeries can help reduce the appearance of excessively large calves. This can be achieved by one of the combination of botox, liposuction, or actually removing small portions of the calf muscle to slip the overall appearance.


Popularized in the U.K labiaplasty procedures are also on the rise in Asia. Labiaplasties involve the reduction in the size of the labia, primarily the labia minora being reduced in size. This creates a tighter “cleaner” look many women around the world desire.

Hair Transplant

Both men and women in Asia suffer similar rates of balding as the west and so there are thus a large variety of hair transplant specialists across the region competing for international clientele. From FUE to FUI and beyond there are a wide variety of transplant options of varying degrees to choose from when deciding the best way to have permanent hair restored.

Teeth Capping

Dental procedures are MASSIVELY popular throughout Asia and thus it is a great place to go if looking for more drastic work that is financially unobtainable in your home country. Dental capping, or dental crowns, are tooth shaped “caps” that are placed over a tooth to restore or improve it’s aesthetic appearance as well as functionality.

Tooth whitening procedures are also massively popular throughout Asia and range from chemical treatments to laser technologies to restore original whiteness to teeth.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment is a rapidly growing technology but still quite young in the west were it is restricted due largely to federal and local laws placed around the use and cultivation of stem cells. Much of Asia is not hindered by such legal barriers so there are a wide variety of progressive stem cell therapies offered throughout the region.

From regrowing hair to rejuvenation stem cells offer a brand new way to keep looking younger and healthier that was until recently unobtainable outside of the uber wealthy.

Sex Reassignment

With the international acceptance of gender fluidity the demand the sex reassignments is increasing at a very fast rate. There are a large selection of gender reassignment specialists throughout Asia, although Thailand has become well known for some of the best doctors in this particular field.


Visit Shenzhen For Your Dream Procedure

Asia is currently the capital of affordable cosmetic surgery, overtaking the west in both the volume of procedures done but also in the variety of solutions provided as well as the overall cost of most procedures. If you are considering having any of the above procedures you are right in considering traveling to Asia to have it done as the plane ticket, hotel and procedure together is often just a fraction of the price of having the same procedure done in the west.