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Cosmetic Surgery in China

China, the most populous nation on earth. Despite their reputation for communism and austerity they have become one of the most capitalistic societies on earth today. With literally hundreds of thousands of western educated surgeons and an insatiable domestic demand for plastic surgery there are great opportunities for patients of all backgrounds and all nationalities.

Cosmetic Surgery in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the gateway to the East, has long been a prolific generator of movies and business but it has also been a big player on the global cosmetic surgery scene as well working with some of the highest paid Chinese actors in the world.

Cosmetic Surgery in India

Given its massive size and propensity of highly trained doctors it is no wonder that India is one of the leading destinations if not the number one destination for all types of plastic surgery procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery in Japan

Japan has always been a leader in cosmetic surgery solutions ever since their meteoric economic rise in the 1980’s.