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Michaela from Bratislava

My name is Michaela and Im a Bratislavas born and raised who by day works as a manager in the most beautiful resort ever and by night (or spare time) seeks to find the most lovely, cozy and breathtaking places there are. I dont like to call myself a photographer, as I think Bratislava enthusiast is much more accurate. I love to travel, eat, drink and run (..and also Im really into fashion, but not really relevant). So back to the Bratislava story. You can easily spot me doing any of those activities mentioned, usually probably in some not so understandable combination. To explain, let me just say that my perfect day would start with a 10 km run for a delicious breakfast with a view (and possibly a drink). Anyhow, I love my hometown, I love to capture its stunning features and beautiful sights, seek lovely coffee shops and delicious restaurants and experience must-visit cocktail bars. Oh, and I love to spread this love of Bratislava to anyone who stands for it!

Margo from Krakow

My name is Margo. I am a lifestyle blogger and the author of several online projects. I moved to Krakow from Moscow around 2,5 years ago. Perhaps you're wondering why I decided to move from a big megapolis to a small city? And the answer is... Love. Yes, my man lives in an incredibly beautiful Krakow (lucky me). I liked this city at first sight and it is still my greatest source of inspiration: majestic architectural monuments, cultural treasures, cobblestone streets, tiny quiet courtyards, cozy cafes. I created a photoblog about Krakow on Instagram @krakowcityguide , where I share the beauty of this city. I am an aesthete in everything and have a big passion for stylish and beautiful things, interiors, atmospheric and instagrammable places. In addition, I love traveling, fashion, theatre, classical concerts, art, psychology. And I really enjoy taking pictures of different cities, especially of Krakow because I am madly in love with this city and I hope that once you've visited Krakow, you will be too!

Timi from Budapest

My name is Timi. I was born in the magical capital city of Hungary, in Budapest and I am still living here. Since I know my mind traveling has its own unquestionable part of my life.

I love to hike, chase waterfalls, but I also love to explore cities and its sights. I believe it is always lovely to have a great coffee at a charming place, enjoy the beautiful view from one of the rooftop bars or just to walk on the streets like a local.

I am so excited to share all my tips about Budapest with you from a local perspective so you can enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe in the best possible way

When I was a kid, each summer we were going to travel a few countries for 3-4 weeks by car. Sleeping in camping, sometimes in car and just in very few cases in an apartment. We are a family of 6, so you can imagine how much these trips were making us as a real family with all the funny, breathtaking, memorable and sometimes harder moments.

I believe they could not give me more. This was feeding my soul, extending my knowledge about the world with a day by day increased need for seeing more and knowing more about this amazing planet we live in. With time, I started my own travels: I was 18, when I went to my first solo trip from my own money. Since that, I have seen 4 continents, 40 countries, so many amazing cities, climbed incredible mountains, met encouraging and inspiring people and spent so much of a fun time with the people around.



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